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USB Flash Drive 1TB

If you want to buy a Pendrive 1tb is year, you must define what your main need is. For example: if you want large volume storage, save space on your computer or want to enjoy music, there is no doubt that you need a high-end 1tb Pendrive.

USB Flash Drive 1TB -
  1. Guide to Buy USB FLASH DRIVE 1TB online
    1. Comparative Table USB Flash Drive 1TB
  2. What is the Capacity of a USB Flash Drive 1TB?
  3. What is the price of a USB Flash Drive 1TB?
  4. The best USB Flash Drive 1TB for online purchase
    1. Kingston Digital 1TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT USB 3.1/3.0
    3. ARCANITE 1TB USB 3.1 Flash Drive
    4. Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 1TB USB 3.1 Premium Flash Drive
  5. USB Flash Drive 1TB Comparison Results and Conclusions
  6. Which 1TB usb flash drive to buy and not get scammed?
    1. Beware of scams when buying USB Flash Drive 1TB Memory
  7. Which is better: A USB Flash Drive 1TB, 1TB External Hard Drive or 1TB SSD?
  8. How much information can we store in a 1TB USB Flash Memory?

Guide to Buy USB FLASH DRIVE 1TB online

The 1TB USB Flash Drive or Pen Drive is one of the most capable among those classified as high-end. Its capacity allows the storage of enough information that applies to any type of work, be it personal, for the office or for specialized professionals.

Comparative Table USB Flash Drive 1TB

 Guaranteed qualityEconomicSecond optionGuaranteed SSD AlternativeEconomic SSD Alternative
ProductoKingston Digital 1TB DataTravelerARCANITE PLUS, 1TB External SSD (USB Memory)Corsair 1TB Flash Voyager GTXSanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External SSDLexar 1TB JumpDrive P30 USB 3.2
ConnectivityUSB A 3.1USB A 3.1USB A 3.1USB C 3.1USB C-A 3.1
Reading speed300 MB/s400 MB/s440 MB/s550 MB/s1.000 MB/s
Write Speed200 MB/s300 MB/s440 MB/s 1.000 MB/s
Size7,5 x 2,7 x 2,1 cm5,67 x 1,8 x 0,9 cm1,1 x 2,6 x 7,8 cm7,57 x 7,57 x 1,07 cm6,88 x 2,79 x1,19 cm
Weight136 gm18,1 gm18,1 gm38,9 gm44,5 gm
PricesPrice in AMAZONPrice in AMAZONPrice in AMAZONPrice in AMAZONPrice in AMAZON

What is the Capacity of a USB Flash Drive 1TB?

This unit for its storage capacity can easily replace or compete with an external hard drive of the same capacity, providing the facility to transport large amounts of information in a small USB flash drive. There are still people who wonder:

Are there 1TB USB flash drives? and the answer is if it exists.

What is the price of a USB Flash Drive 1TB?

The market has a variety of products and when you buy a 1 TB usb flash memory online we can get several purchase options. For this reason there is also a variety of prices. They can be obtained for less than 50 dollars, the difficult thing is that for that price you can get a quality 1TB USB memory, for which you will have to invest an amount greater than 300 dollars and more.

Buy a CHEAP USB Flash Drive 1TB memory

You can Buy a cheap 1TB usb memory but we really do not recommend this choice since their quality is not guaranteed and you will surely lose the money invested.

The best USB Flash Drive 1TB for online purchase

Now let's take a closer look at the USB Flash Drive 1TB and alternatives included in the comparison table. The result of the comparison is shown here at a glance in case your time does not allow you to read the whole guide and our selection of the Best 1TB Flash Drive.

Kingston Digital 1TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT USB 3.1/3.0

Kingston's DataTraveler Max is a high-performance USB Type-C flash drive that takes advantage of the current USB 3.2 Gen2 standard to deliver read speeds of up to 1,000 MB/s and write speeds of up to 900 MB/s.

The unique rugged housing protects the connector when not in use and allows for easy one-touch transportation. The DT Max offers superior performance and expandability up to 1TB, making it the perfect solution for transferring and storing large digital files such as HD photos, 4K/8K videos and music. It is the perfect solution.

The best selection you can make is to buy a Kingston 1TB USB Flash Memory, the only detail is the price.

Designed to transport and store high volume production files. That makes them handy when creating 4K and 8K RAW video recordings, and also for storing large libraries of movie files, high-resolution images, music, and more.

Travel with speed and confidence. Collect, store and transfer your photos, videos, music and other files with Kingston's DT Max 3.2 Gen 2 1TB USB flash drive model. It's from the pen drive experts at Kingston - the company that invented the USB flash drive in 2005.

  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) speeds of up to 300MB / s read and 200MB / s write
  • The unit is pocket size.
  • Impact resistant metal housing.
  • Fabricada de aleación de cinc


ARCANITE 1TB USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Sure, here is a sales text in English for the product ARCANITE PLUS, 1TB External SSD (USB Memory) USB 3.2 Gen2 UASP SuperSpeed+, Maximum Read Speed 600MB/s, Maximum Write Speed 500MB/s:

Introducing the ARCANITE PLUS, the ultimate in external storage. With its blazing fast read and write speeds of up to 600MB/s and 500MB/s respectively, you can transfer files in a fraction of the time. The ARCANITE PLUS is also backward compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, so you can use it with any device.

The ARCANITE PLUS is made of durable materials and is shockproof and water resistant, so you can take it with you wherever you go without worrying about damaging it. It also comes with a free carrying case, so you can keep it safe and secure.

Here are some of the features of the ARCANITE PLUS:

  • Interface: Superspeed USB 3.1 GEN 1 Type-A Connector (backwards compatible with USB 3.0, 2.0 & 1.1)
  • Specification: made in taiwan, dustproof, shockproof, temperature resistant / size: 56.7 × 18 × 9mm
  • Up to 400 MB / s read speed.
  • Write speed of up to 200 MB / s.
  • Transfer speed will depend on operating environment, equipment, and other factors
  • Recommended use: storing documents, pictures, videos
  • System Compatibility: Devices with USB Type-A Connector. Windows 10/8/7 Vista, etc Mac OS 10.X and later

  • The ARCANITE PLUS is perfect for creative professionals who need to transfer large files quickly, such as photographers, videographers, and designers.
  • It is also a great option for gamers who need to store their games and game mods.
  • The ARCANITE PLUS is backed by a 2-year warranty, so you can be confident in its quality.

Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 1TB USB 3.1 Premium Flash Drive

  • SSD Speed ​​USB Storage – Enjoy portable USB storage with the speed of a solid drive.
  • Performance: High-speed 3D NAND memory unlocks read speeds of up to 440MB / second and write speeds of 440MB / second, so you can copy large files in seconds.
  • Premium Design: Luxury and durable zinc alloy case with aluminum elements to protect your data in style.
  • Highly Compatible – Optimized for USB 3.1 Gen 1, USB 3.0, and USB 2.0 to ensure compatibility with future and past systems.
  • CORSAIR SSD Toolbox ready: format, split and optimize drive performance with CORSAIR SSD Toolbox software.
  • Compatibilidad universal con sistemas operativos: funciona en Windows 7, 8.1, 10, macOS y Linux sin necesidad de instalar controladores.

USB Flash Drive 1TB Comparison Results and Conclusions

Looking for 1TB or 1000GB portable storage options, in this comparison we look at three important elements:

  • Price: how much we have to pay is a very important variable and the price of a Kingston 1TB USB flash memory is above all. Quality is not in question, if we want it we have to pay for it. If this is the variable by which we are going to decide the best option is the Sandisk Extreme Portable.
  • Size - Dimensions: it is clear that the winner is the USB memory, the high cost of the Kingston complicates the decision. For this variable and for its price the winner is the Arcanite, which has very good ratings.
  • Resistance: if what we want is a portable drive, its resistance is an extremely important feature. Its name says it all, Extreme, the Sandisk Extreme Portable keeps on winning. According to Sandisk this drive is tested to resist water flow (30 kPa) after 3 minutes. It is also shock resistant (up to 1500G) and vibration resistant (5g RMS, 10-2000 HZ) making it truly rugged and all-terrain.

The conclusion based on the three elements evaluated, the choice is the Sandisk Extreme Portable 1TB.

You will know that a USB Flash Drive 1TB is a small device with plenty of storage capacity for software data, programs, images, videos or files that you use regularly.

There is a variety of manufacturers in the world of these devices and you can find them in the models, features and innovations but the previous guide we tell you how to choose a pendrive 1TB suitable to the needs of the user.

Knowing that you can now store all your data, applications and photos on your USB stick is very exciting, but when you actually want to buy a 1tb flash drive, there are many important considerations. For example, what is a USB type, what are the differences between a USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 flash drive, what is a Flash Drive Memory, and to start with the main topic; what do I need to buy or store files for?

Nowadays technology has changed the way files are handled. Nowadays, people send them by e-mail or store them in storage servers on the Internet. And sometimes this causes problems of disorganization and lack of space on our cell phones or computers. That is why it is good to store important files on a 1TB flash drive. When we have the option to have a digital copy of all our files.

Which 1TB usb flash drive to buy and not get scammed?

When we want to buy a USB Flash Drive 1TB, we must analyze its selection very well, since it is a considerable investment compared to the cost of smaller memory. We have to determine which usb flash drive 1TB usb to buy? according to our needs. According to our analysis the best is the Kingston DTUGT / 1TB

In addition to being our top recommendation, it is also the easiest way to buy a 1TB usb stick without getting scammed. There are many options on the market but they do not meet expectations or what they offer both in storage capacity and quality.

In addition to the Kingston model, we also have the Corsair Flash Voyager GTX unit, which is from a brand with a lot of prestige and quality of its products, having very good comments and at a much lower price.

Beware of scams when buying USB Flash Drive 1TB Memory

Many of the offerings on 1TB and 2TB USB flash drives are really a scam, by not meeting the storage capacity offered. Most are unrecognized brands.

In the reviews of these products, a high percentage of people who have bought have a negative opinion, complaining that they do not comply with the offered features.

The only two options that meet the desired expectations are the two models listed above and shown below.

Which is better: A USB Flash Drive 1TB, 1TB External Hard Drive or 1TB SSD?

When we have the need or want to explore the possibility of buying a 1TB external storage unit, we must ask ourselves: How much portability do we need? Do we really require that capacity? How much are we willing to invest in said purchase?

USB flash drives are really a temptation because of the small size they occupy and the ease we have of using it. But for 1TB or 2TB capacities, what we have to invest in this purchase is not a light decision, since as they are relatively new to the market and there is little competition, prices are quite high.

That is why we have to explore other alternatives with USB Flash Drive 1TB storage capacities. We are going to analyze the traditional external hard drive and the ssd disk.

How much information can we store in a 1TB USB Flash Memory?

It is very difficult to determine how much information can be stored in a USB flash memory, due to the variety of file formats that we can have and the sizes of each one. According to the Kingston page on a 1TB Pen Drive we can store the following:

Photo storage according to resolution.

Resolution in Mega Pixels 8MP 12MP 18MP 24MP
Number of photos 384.000 256.000 170.668 128.000

Video Recording.

Resolution 24 Mbps (min.) 48 Mbps (min.) 720p 30fps (min.) 1080p 30fps (min.) 4K 30fps (min.)
Weather 5.120 2.560 2.816 3.904 2.112

Other file types

TypeHD Movies .MKV .MP3 of musicCompressed .MP4 moviesComputer gamesBackup copies
Capacity 83 265672 896 48 32

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