Best flash drive for iphone

Flash drive for iphone

In this Iphone – iPad Flash Drive Buying Guide we will help you select the best purchase option according to your needs for additional storage you want to add to your iPhone or iPad device. (Spanish version)

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Comparative Guide to Buy a Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad

Iphone Flash Drive Comparison Chart

Flash Drive iXpand Luxe

EADDA Flash Drive

flash USB 3.0 iXpand

Picture Keeper Flash Drive

Verbatim  Flash drive

Top 5 USB Flash Drives for iPhone and iPad in Review

The iphone flash drive is a device that connects to your iphone, ipad or other apple device and allows you to transfer files to it. This means that if you have a lot of music or video files on your computer, but need to take them with you, an iphone flash drive is perfect for this!

There are many different types of iPhone flash drives. Some are compatible only with specific devices (such as the iPhone), while others are compatible with many different devices. It is important to know what type of connector your device has before purchasing a flash drive for it.

N° 1 SanDisk iXpand Luxe for iPhone

An improved option of the previous iPhone flash drive and the best seller on Amazon.

Compatible with your iPhone or iPad device, increase your storage capacity or transport information between devices.

Need more space on your iphone? ixpand luxe flash drive is the easiest way to free up memory, keep your memories safe by simply plugging in the drive to back up your photos, videos and contacts automatically.

Once your files are on the ixpand drive, you can use the high-speed us3.0 connector to quickly move them to your computer; you can also password protect your files on multiple devices to keep them private; the dual-purpose swivel design protects the connectors and features a keychain hole to take your flash drive everywhere you go.

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  • Easily free up space on your iphone
  • Automatically backup your photos and videos
  • Record videos directly to the ixpand and free up space on your iphone
  • Quickly move content from your ixpand to your computer using the high speed usb 3.0 connector
  • Password protect your files on iPhone devices, PC and mac computers

EADDA’s iPhone compatible USB flash drive is made of matte aluminum metal and adopts an interesting retractable design. This design not only prevents the port connector from being damaged when the USB flash drives are not in use, but also allows you to transport the USB flash drive and prevent it from being lost.

The memory stick with iPhone/USB3.0/Micro-USB/Type-C port (separate adapter) is compatible with iPhone/Android/computer and other devices with USB ports, can transfer data between multiple devices, easily complete the data exchange.(Note: Android phones need to open OTG function, no app download required).

With the plug-and-play USB stick, you can backup multiple files like videos/photos/documents with just one click. No more troublesome backups, save your time. When the USB stick is connected to iPhone/Android/computer etc, you can directly save your videos and photos to the USB sticks without occupying the device’s memory.

The free app «Y-DISK» supports all major video and music formats, so you can stream them directly from the USB flash drive, saving your space and time. Record videos and take pictures directly on the EADDA USB flash drive via

Sync and share content between your iPhone/iPad and computer.

Download and save your videos, photos, music and more directly to Duo Link.

Charge your iPhone/iPad by connecting it to Duo Link and the power adapter.

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N° 3 SanDisk – Mini USB 3.0 iXpand flash drive with Lightning for iPhone

The SanDisk iXpand Mini is a flash drive designed to be your perfect companion for iPhone and iPad. Easily free up space on your iPhone, automatically back up your camera photos and videos, and watch popular video formats directly from the drive.

The iXpand Mini drive is designed to be the perfect companion to your iPhone. Whether you’re on the road or running out of space on your device, iXpand Mini allows you to easily move content to the drive.You can automatically back up your camera roll, watch videos and listen to music directly from the drive, and even transfer files between your iPhone, iPad and computers.

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N° 4 Picture Keeper USB photo and video flash drive for Apple devices

Picture Keeper Connect is the portable hard drive for iPhone, Android, Mac and PC users who want to easily store, transfer and protect their personal data. With our USB stick you can back up your photos, videos or contacts in just 3 easy steps: connect it to a computer or phone via Lightning connector, open the app and press «start backup». This pen supports up to 4,000 photos, so you will never see the «no storage» message again.

¡Olvídate de las molestias! Nuestra unidad flash USB Picture Keeper Connect ofrece una solución «hágalo usted mismo» para hacer copias de seguridad y almacenar sus fotos, vídeos y documentos. Disponible en capacidades de 16 y 64 GB, ofrece hasta 4.000 fotos de recuerdos a la vez, o un año entero de fotos divertidas sin problemas. Viajar puede ser estresante cuando te preocupa perder todas tus fotos y datos, así que prueba esta sencilla forma de hacer una copia de seguridad de todo para estar tranquilo mientras viajas.

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N° 5 Verbatim flash drive for iphone dual Store ‘n’ Go Apple Lightning

Store up to 64GB of your photos, videos, music and more on your Verbatim USB 3.0 Dual Store ‘n’ Go flash drive for Apple Lightning devices.

For quick and easy data transfer between your Apple device and USB-equipped PC, Verbatim’s USB 3.0 flash drive easily connects to your iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices so you have room to capture more photos and videos or free up memory for new content. Plus, with the free Store ‘n’ Go app, available for download from the App Store, you can transfer and view content stored on this drive on your computer.

La unidad flash USB 3.0 Store ‘n’ Go de Verbatim proporciona almacenamiento en un formato práctico y de bolsillo que es fácil de llevar a todas partes.

Con esta unidad flash USB, puede intercambiar rápida y fácilmente archivos entre su dispositivo Apple y los PC Windows equipados con USB.

Utilice la aplicación Store ‘n’ Go para compartir y gestionar fácilmente los contenidos, o simplemente arrastre y suelte cuando necesite más espacio en su iPhone, iPad u otro dispositivo Apple.

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What should we take into account when buying a flash drive for iphone?

The first thing to consider when buying a flash drive for your iPhone is whether or not it is compatible with it. If you have an older phone, you will want to check the model number and make sure it is compatible with the SD card slot. If you’re buying a newer version of the iPhone, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Next, look at the storage space you need. The most common flash drive size is 16GB, but if that’s not enough for your needs, there are also 32GB and 64GB versions. You can also find some smaller sizes, such as 8 GB and 16 GB, if you want something more compact but still want enough space to store documents or photos on your phone.

Finally, look at the type of connector the flash drive comes with so that it connects easily with your device without the need for adapters or additional accessories such as an adapter cable or an adapter card reader. This will make it much simpler to use than having to deal with multiple pieces every time you want to use it because they won’t fit properly without some sort of adapter, which means more work when trying to

The best flash drives for the iPhone and iPad

The best flash drive for your iPhone or iPad will depend on what you are going to use it for. If you want to be able to store large files, such as videos or photos, or if you want to transfer them from one device to another quickly, then we recommend that you choose the roomier option.

If you’re just looking for a way to transfer small files between devices, then you’re better off choosing one of our more compact options.

What are the prices of a Pendrive for iPhone and iPad?

The prices of a USB flash drive for Iphone are very variable and depend on the brand of the product and also on the storage capacity that we are going to buy. On Amazon these prices are around 30 $ to start with and upwards depending on the characteristics of the USB flash drive.

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